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La Boite aux Tresors d’Hanna
(© Martha Smith, 2010)

Hanna's Treasure Box French

The first week of January, 2015, the whole world was shocked as Islamic terrorists entered the Paris offices of the Charlie Hebdo political satire magazine. Following the murder of the innocent victims of this hideous crime, world leaders went to Paris to demonstrate their solidarity with the French people and the Jewish community of France. We of International Voice of Justice would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the families of those lost loved ones in the attack, both in the magazine and in the kosher store.

International Voice of Justice will be presenting "La Boite aux Tresors d’Hanna" ("Hanna’s Treasure Box") at the Rachi Center – Centre d’Art et Culture Juive – in Paris from May 7 to May 14, 2015. The stage director will be Julia Pevzner of the Israeli, Bolshoi, Paris Bastille, Covent Garden Operas. Ardoine Clauzel will play the role of "Hanna". When Ms. Clauzel performed the role of Hanna in a New York Theater Festival in the U.S. premiere, New York Theatre.com said of her performance: ". . Hanna’s Treasure Box by Martha Smith was beautifully performed by Ardoine Clauzel. . . Through simple costume and lighting changes Ms. Clauzel inhabits the life of the young girl Hanna as she learns of her identity. The emotional depths of the story rise and fall in an engaging way." HANNA’S TREASURE BOX, by Martha Smith, is the story of a Sephardic Jewish family living in the north of Norway under Nazi occupation during World War II. Having hidden their Jewish identity for centuries, the family is warned and rescued from deportation by their little daughter, Hanna, through a miraculous series of events. The play traces anti–Semitism from the time of the Inquisition to the present through the lives of Hanna’s family.

" (The work of) a powerful, articulate writer", Lonnie Carter, Obie Award Winning playwright.

HANNA’S TREASURE BOX is the poignant story of the survival – against all odds – of a family faced with persecution, deportation and death. . . "A spell–binding, compelling story gripping the hearts of the audience from beginning to end."